Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that emphasises the important role of critical thinking in how we feel and behave.

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How Does CBT Work?

What Is CBT?

Unlike most other talking therapies that focus on healing past emotional injuries and addressing early life conditioning, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) challenges current unhelpful beliefs, thinking patterns and behaviours as a means to effect change.

  • Widely used within the NHS
  • Evidence based
  • Teaches skills for life
  • Long lasting results
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We Are Not Our Thoughts!

At the very heart of CBT is the concept that the root of any feeling or behaviour is a thought and that for negative feelings or behaviours specifically, quite often an overly negative, irrational or entirely subjective thought.

'The mind is its own place - it can make a heaven out of hell, or a hell out of heaven.' John Milton

CBT helps us to make sense of our significant emotional reactions by dividing them up into smaller parts, allowing us to break them down and understand the relationship between situations we find ourselves in, the thoughts we have about those situations, how this makes us feel both physically and emotionally and all importantly, the actions we then take.

The A-B-C Model

One of the core concepts within CBT (and its more direct offspring, Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT)) is the A-B-C model. The model states that it normally is not merely an activating external event (A) that creates our emotional and behavioural response or consequence (C), but also what we subjectively believe (B) about the activating event (A).

So a fear of a spider (the C - consequence) is not as a result of the person seeing the spider itself (the A - activating event), but rather their subjective beliefs (the B) they have about the spider being scary and dangerous.

In simple terms, change the belief and consequence, the emotional response changes, even if the spider is the same!

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Rapid, Genuine, Long Lasting Change


Versus traditional psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy can be a more direct and potentially authentic means to heal old emotional injuries and change long term beliefs and perspectives.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a form of psychotherapy that emphasises the important role of critical thinking in how we feel and behave. CBT focuses on changing current thoughts and feelings rather than the past.

Emotional Coaching

Coaching focuses on engaging, motivating, challenging and all importantly empowering another human being to be more courageous, more authentic, more confident and ultimately, much more more!


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has been described as a software manual for the brain. It is a proven model for supporting and accelerating human performance, especially in the areas of business and sports.

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It's Time For Change

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Living an emotionally healthier life is the key to living a happier life - and the happier we are, the better we perform in everything we do.

Or to put it another way, this is not a dress rehearsal!

We only get one shot at this thing called life - so if not now, if this isn't the time to embrace an opportunity for positive change, then when?

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Could you be more connected and more present during the good times, so you appreciate and enjoy them more?

Could you be more resilient and more positive during the tough times, so you feel less angst and more resourceful?

And could you feel more fulfilled and happier in the 80% of your life you spend in between?!?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, we are very confident we can help you live an emotionally healthier life and as a direct result, a significantly happier and more abundant life.

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Why not have a chat - it's free after all! We will ask some questions about you, your history and your specific circumstances. We will tell you whether we can help and if we can, more specifically how.

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1 - 5

Sessions last up to 2 hours. The number of sessions will depend on the issue(s) you wish to resolve. For example - curing phobias requires 1 or 2 sessions whereas some addiction work may require up to 5.

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Price & Payment

We charge £250 per hour (inc VAT). In most cases payment is due at the end of the session by card or bank transfer. Where we deem appropriate and where we can, we are happy to provide flexible payment terms.

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Cancellation Policy

We will always be sensitive to clients needs and if we can change appointments around to avoid charging, which we usually can, we always will. That said, please be aware that any booking is subject to a rigid 24 hour cancellation / rearrangement policy. If we do not receive a minimum of 24 hours notice of a cancellation or re-arrangement, we reserve the right to charge for the appointment in full.


A lot of our potential clients are concerned about confidentiality but just like doctors and lawyers, maintaining client confidentiality is of utmost concern and sharing anything outside of their sessions would be a violation of our code of ethics. We do not digitalise any of our client notes and the paper versions remain locked away until they are shredded a few months are we have finished working together. Over the years, when a client has been very sensitive to the issue of confidentiality, we have been more than happy to sign legally binding Non Disclosure Agreements.


Other than for smoking cessation, we do not offer any guarantees. As you will have seen via Trustpilot, our approach proves remarkably effective so if you come to us with a real determination to succeed, you'll have an excellent chance of rapidly achieving your goal.

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