Steve Burns

Logical, Challenging & Blunt

Emotional Coach & Addiction Specialist

Emotional Coaching (Stress & Anxiety), Addiction, Public Speaking, Relationships & Phobia
London - Kentish Town & The Zoomiverse

I love what I do. I get to spend time with people who are motivated to make significant changes in their lives and it's my job to help them help themselves do exactly that - to help them create happier, more fulfilling and more abundant lives.

I suspect I have a similar story to others who do the voodoo that I do: a difficult upbringing; driven to succeed in my business life; some pretty dark and desperate times; getting help and doing the work to think, feel and be better.

Quick fire round: mid fifties; delighted to be celebrating my 22nd wedding anniversary (not sure I can say the same for the wife!); two gorgeous teenagers; 3 dogs; a passion for golf, baking and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (I know, but don't judge me - ask me first - and then judge me).

In terms of Steve Burns, Therapist, Hypnotherapist & Emotional Coach, as a result of favouring practical learning over theoretical I have few letters after my name. That said, what I lack in letters I more than make up for with knowledge, insight, wisdom, therapeutic and life experience, an abundance of passion and a penchant for being very direct and blunt.

Last point - I was brought up on a market stall on the Roman Road in the East End, got kicked out of university, worked my way through the digital consulting world prior to floating my own business on the London Stock Exchange. As a result I am at ease with anyone and everyone irrespective of their education, class, position, colour, creed or anything else for that matter.

Last last point, please take a moment to read our TrustPilot reviews - beyond my family, my golf swing and the odd Red Velvet Cake, these are the things that I am most proud of in life.

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