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I first went to see Kirsten for my overeating. I’ve been overeating all my life, really. I remember even from being about nine-years-old and I’d gone through times in my life where it was better, but it was something that had been nagging me for a long, long time. I always thought that I must have no willpower and what Kirsten was able to do was explain to me that there are different ways of thinking about things. That willpower had nothing to do with it, it was just about telling your unconscious mind what you really wanted. After one session, I had such amazing results. I felt immediately different, immediately in control, less panicky around food. It was almost an instant change. We spoke for a good hour or so, about my life, about growing up, about how I felt about food, but how I felt generally and then she did some relaxation with me and some hypnosis. She’s such a lovely person, she’s so kind, she’s so calm, she makes you feel instantly better, just by walking into her room, you feel better. She makes you feel very relaxed, it’s a very safe space, you can say anything that you want to say and she instantly makes you feel like you can cope with it. I have almost finished my weight loss process, I’ve lost four stone since I first saw her at the end of September. I’d like to lose a little bit more weight and if I do, then great. Even if not, I feel that … The horrible feelings and the panic feelings have now gone away.

I had to keep my weight down. My cholesterol was getting high. I was a dessert-aholic, and I found that I couldn’t resist eating desserts. And when I was in my early 50s I had a heart bypass operation, so I had to do something to stop me eating. And basically I came to see Steve, and since I’ve seen Steve, I just don’t eat cakes, sweets, chocolates, desserts. Things that I would look at first, all of a sudden just don’t interest me at all. He put me under hypnosis. I didn’t think it worked because I could hear him talking to me all the time. And when I came round I said, “Look Steve,” I says, “I don’t think it’s worked.” He said, “Why do you say that?” I said, “But I could hear you speaking all the time, the conversation going on.” He said, “Well, how long do you think you were under for?” I said, “Oh, about five minutes.” He says, “No,” he says, “You’ve been under for about 40 minutes.” And when that finished, I walked out of his rooms, walked past the cake shop and it didn’t bother me that I’d walked past the cake shop without even looking in the window. Whatever he said to me stuck something in my mind that made me not want to eat cakes and sweets. Whatever it was, he did it. I didn’t do it. I couldn’t have done it without him. I had to come and see him. I needed the guidance and I needed the push and I needed whatever he did to me while I was under hypnosis. What he did and what he said, I can’t remember, but whatever he said worked. It’s changed my life to the … I feel comfortable with my body feeling that I’m not building up any high cholesterol. I feel fitter. I’m not overweight. When I fasten my trousers I’m not having to breathe in, and I just feel better all round.

I’ve been overweight for a number of years, probably for most of my adult life, and wanted to find a way of losing weight, because I had been looking at weight loss surgery as a way of doing that. I was experiencing some issues with my health, and wanted to look at different options before I went through the weight loss surgery, and decided and spoke to my GP about hypnotherapy, and started doing some looking around on the internet. When I met Kirsten the first time, we set goals, and I set an achievable goal for a time in my life that was really comfortable, and it was a five stone goal. I’m now at four and a half stone weight loss, and that’s really been over the last six to eight months. And I hope to achieve my last half stone loss within the year. I think one of the main factors was the trust I had, and in finding somebody I felt comfortable with, and that I could talk to about how I felt. She didn’t want me to make unrealistic goals. It was about how I felt, and how I wanted to feel, and how healthy I wanted to be. My life has changed drastically. My health has improved no end. I feel confident, I feel better about myself, I can walk into an ordinary clothes shop on the high street and buy clothes. I feel really excited about the future, and not out of breath. I feel fit, and I’m enjoying life much more.
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