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“I went to Steve to get help to stop smoking. I had smoked for 17 years and wanted to stop but just needed some extra help. All I can say is I wish I had gone to him 17 years ago because the whole process was so easy. I did two sessions and a week later I’m not smoking and don’t have any urges to either. I know I will never smoke again because I was fed up with it and now anytime I think about a cigarette I just forget about it and I can’t explain it any other way. I would definitely recommend going to Steve for stoping smoking or anything else you need help with Thanks a mill Steve you’ve given me a longer life with my family.”

“I first used the Therapy Lounge to help me quit smoking, which it succeeded in doing quicker than I thought. A year later I went back for a few sessions to help me get my head around a number of different things which I was struggling with. Steve and the team were immensely helpful and incredibly effective, I can’t recommend them enough.”

“I first came to see Steve at Therapy Lounge to do with my smoking, and Steve gave me, very quickly, a technique which made it impossible to smoke. When one focuses on smoking, and only smoking, it gets very boring and very uncomfortable, very, very quickly. I sometimes harboured old notions like it was getting rid of a friend of some sort. Which is nuts. Friends don’t typically poison slowly over four years.”

“I’ve been a smoker for about half my life, and I’ve tried various other methods of giving up in the past, and I’ve been to have other hypnotherapy with the Allen Carr people. It always tended to work for a bit, and then it would wear off. It got to a point where I felt like I wanted to give it another try with somebody else. Steve is a very easy person to talk to. He’s a very wise man, and I found it very easy to talk to him, and he was as very good listener, and a very good analyst of your situation. I have smoked since that session, and I’ve come back to see Steve again, so it’s not something that it’s completely, oh my God, it was just, that was it forever. But, interestingly, Steve was very happy to see me again free of charge. Steve said, “Well, look, I don’t think there’s any need to actually do any hypnosis, I think you’ll be fine.” I thought, well, no. Well, okay, if you think so. But, I’ll be surprised if that works. But, I walked out and I was fine. It’s not actually all about, hypnosis is all about the understanding, and the skill of the practitioner. I believe Steve really is very skillful at unlocking what you have the potential to do. Whether using hypnosis, or just using a conversation.”

“I’ve been smoking for 30 years. I was struggling to give up, I had tried a lot, and failed, and I met someone who gave me the details to hear, and now I don’t smoke anymore. First time I came here, I sat and spoke with Steve for two and a half hours probably. I think he asked me how much I wanted to give up smoking. I said, “I want to, want to, but I don’t really, necessarily, think I want to.” He said, “Okay, you’re two sessions,” and the second session was 40 minutes, and I was a non-smoker. The first session was about talking. I think he finding out what buttons to press, and also, I think there’s a certain amount of reprogramming that goes on, that’s not hypnosis per say. The second session, I sat in the chair, put some headphones on, and just relaxed, and listened to his voice. It felt unreal, to start with, to me, because I was thinking, “Well, am I a non-smoker?” “Can I really be a non-smoker?” But somehow I just didn’t smoke. It takes a little bit of adjustment, because you think you’re going to become a rampant non-smoker, and you just become someone who doesn’t smoke. Coming here has changed my life financially, because I’ve got more money. It has also meant that as a non-smoker, it’s more socially acceptable to be a non-smoker these days, so it’s made life easier in that sense. It’s impressed my family and friends, who didn’t think it was possible. I think the Therapy Lounge has opened up opportunities. I look at their website like a bit of a menu now. I can see other things that I could look at, and change in the future.”

“I was smoking and I couldn’t stop smoking. The other thing I had self esteem issues. I wasn’t going well with my business. I wasn’t connected with my family. I was kind of quite off. My divorce, I was really quite isolated. I think I had five sessions and at the end of the five sessions I felt very good about myself and I still do. It was a mixture of talking and being hypnotised. Steve, I spose we started by talking about my issue and as I spoke, obviously, I mean not obviously but they became more and more apparent that it was more not just the things I was thinking about at that moment, being scared of approaching people for work and that sort of thing. Then Steve, we did some exercises and I did some homework. It’s all about looking at my then core believes and then looking at the core believes that I wanted to adopt. That was the most important bit I think. Then Steve taught me to look at things I’ve been proud of in my life, which are many. I put that list down and looked at it and there’s a lot of things that I found that I was proud about myself. Then from there it went really well. Hypnosis I found very easy because I like Steve and I trusted him and he explains what would happen before and the first time it was to stop me smoking. It was very gentle. I drifted off and it seemed like a sleep for about five seconds but it was probably about 45 minutes. From that day to this I haven’t smoked.”

“My therapist, … when I first met him, I kind of got that warm feeling. He was someone that invited me into a space, someone that really wanted to get to know me. I had some homework to do before I went for my one session, and that was … one was to put a cigarette into a bottle of water and leave it there for a few days. And the second one was to … when I smoke, to break down the elements of smoking. And then, in the session, it’s tapping into that feeling of … “I don’t like what I’m doing when I’m physically smoking.” The two hour session was there, but it was the kind of three days leading up that I was doing this exercise that was very unique, and I’ve never head of it before. The session finished. Michael passed me his details, clearly, if I wanted to engage him just for a chat. And I walked out of the Therapy Lounge with a renewed confidence. I felt better about myself. I’m still cynical, myself, if I’m honest, but nonetheless, I waited to see what came across of it. And I’ve never looked back. Working with the Therapy Lounge has been really good for me. I’m now looking at phase two of my life and effectively controlling weight and losing that weight.”

“I came to get help with giving up smoking. I’ve been smoking on and off for 15, 20 years, probably smoking between 20 and 40 a day. I’ve tried to give up smoking lots of times before, but always felt that I was trying hard not to smoke. So I came here. I had one session of hypnotism, and have never had a cigarette since. Working with Steve was really easy. It was mainly like having a chat. It was conversational. It didn’t feel like I was coming for therapy of any sort. I think it’s magic. It has to be. I came in, and I left, and I’ve never had a cigarette since. I can’t explain why. It does seem unbelievable. I came in initially for smoking, but looking at the website, I realised that there were some good things around anxiety, and spoke to Steve about that, and decided I’d like to get some help with that as well. I had a lot of anxiety and a lot of guilt around leaving my partner. I had partner and I have two children, and I left, and felt a lot of guilt, a lot of anxiety around it. It manifested itself in … I started seeing somebody else, and struggled to introduce my children to her because of guilt, because of anxiety. One of the key things I wanted to do was have the confidence to introduce the children to my new partner, and I did that through what I did at the Therapy Lounge. About a year and a half, two years ago, we got married, and my children were bridesmaids. To me, that moment brought everything together. And I didn’t have a cigarette on my wedding day either.”

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