12 Month Stop Smoking Support

We Are Passionate About Helping You Stop Smoking

Whilst we would always expect and prefer to help a client stop smoking at the first attempt, this isn’t always the case.

For most clients the process is quick and easy, but for some, breaking a habit of a lifetime can be a little trickier.

So with that in mind, INCLUDED WITHIN THE £585 we are very proud to be the only stop smoking provider in London who offers a comprehensive 1 year support package.

We have a number of different methods and protocols to help a client stop smoking and if we don’t get you first time, we are very confident we will find another way to help you free yourself from that toxic habit.

The terms of this package are very simple – from the day of your stop smoking treatment for a period of 1 year, if you start smoking again, even a single cigarette, we will be here to help AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.  

For most client this means inviting them in for another stop smoking hypnotherapy session, either with the smoking cessation therapist they saw first time around or, with another smoking cessation therapist in London, depending on what we think is best.

To protect The Therapy Lounge from clients who may choose to be a little cavalier with our time and money, we reserve the right to withdraw the 12 month stop smoking support package if:

– a client does not turn upon to an agreed appointment

– a client does not provide 36 hours notice on a cancellation of any appointment

– a client consistently reneges on undertaking some agree homework, that may include watching something, reading something or doing something that is entirely in the interest of helping them help us help them stop smoking!

– a client does not pay us in full within 10 days of the original stop smoking cession

Over the years we have had the odd client comes back to us within 6 months of the stop smoking support package expiring, hoping that we will still be able to help free of charge. Whilst we sympathise, the support package is for 12 months and 12 months only.

It is worth noting that an average smoker will spend around £4,000 of their annual disposable income on cigarettes – so having to return and pay another stop smoking fee does not seem unreasonable!

If you have any questions about this 12 month stop smoking support package, please do not hesitate to ask.

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