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I was working for a boss that had like a horrendous temper and I think it triggered some childhood issues for me and I sort of fell to pieces every time he lost his temper. Then I couldn’t perform or do my job properly anymore, because I was a nervous wreck. His mood was influencing my mood, quite severely and it was very difficult for me. I noticed the therapy lounge seemed to offer a lot more than other hypnotherapists for example, because Kirsten can do CPT and LP and there seemed to be a lot more therapy as well as the hypnosis. It seemed to offer a lot more than other places. In order to heal my anxiety issues I went to Kirsten three times and then I’ve been twice since, just mainly ’cause I enjoy it so much and get so much out of it. And see that there’s so much can be healed and worked on with her, so I do enjoy going. Go for a little top up sometime. The therapy lounge introducing me to Kirsten changed my life, and certainly my working life and lots of my family relationships and it’s like meeting an angel. Kirsten’s an angel.

The main issue that I had was anxiety. I was suffering from it. I didn’t know that anxiety could come in the form that it did with me. My anxiety was very full on, to the point where I didn’t want to go out, and I didn’t understand why, until it got to the point where I just couldn’t take it anymore and decided to get some help. I found Steve in the Therapy Lounge on the internet, by writing him, and he spent 45 minutes of his own time talking to me on the phone, because I was, obviously, I wasn’t sure what was going on. Then, realised I did want to see him, and it would only be him I wanted to see, because he basically made me feel that it wasn’t just me and it could be dealt with. In my first session with Steve here, he dealt with me in a very strong, focused manner. He talked to me a lot and he got me to talk to him about everything that I felt was troubling me, whether I thought it was relevant or not. He thought it was best for me to do a mixture of CBT and hypnosis. And at the end of that session, we had a hypnosis session which he recorded, and gave me a recording which I could listen to as and when I needed to. I had three sessions in total with him regarding the anxiety. I feel like I’ve come a long way, and if it wasn’t for Steve and the other members of the Therapy Lounge, it wouldn’t have been possible. I don’t think I will need another session. However, I still have his tapes on my phone right now, and if I ever get a little bit anxious or I have a need to speak to him, I can listen to my tape and I do know that Steve and the team are there.

Well my issues I was facing was anxiety, stress, and just self esteem issues as well. Steve was absolutely amazing from the beginning. From the moment that I walked into the door, I was feeling at ease. He was listening to what I was saying and he was attentive. I was really happy with him, and just my relationship with him. I think that is what you need. You need your therapist to make you feel comfortable as well.  There’s more relaxation as well as visualisation, and also mindfulness. I absolutely loved it because it’s just very calm, relaxed. You feel at ease. It helped me in a way … I’ve been having people commenting on how calm I was. They could see a major change in me at work. I’m much more slowed down. They could just see a huge change overall.All your sessions have been recorded as well, so if you find yourself, ‘Oh, I need some more help,’ you can just re-listen to your session as well, and just always keep on track. The Therapy Lounge has absolutely changed my life. I’m actually deciding by myself every six months, I’m going for a top up session, in a way. If I can say that. Just because I do relaxation therapy as well, and I think The Therapy Lounge, even for the long term, is yeah, always be part of my life.

For me it was issues from childhood, so I dealt with a lot of trauma like particularly towards my dad. My dad was violent when I was a child, not towards me, but towards my mom. What then had happened is it kind of affected my relationship with him, particularly as I went into adulthood. I was recommended by a friend of a friend who tried it for stopping smoking and she’d actually come to The Therapy Lounge and she’d had really good results. I just started a new job and again I was really anxious. I was finding it quite difficult and I just knew that I needed something to kind of help me to get through the anxiety of the new job because it was quite stressful. On the first session, Kirsten spent time with me to actually see what it was that I was looking for. What the problem was, what I wanted to achieve. Then every … She devised a programme for me over how many weeks I wanted to come which was like three weeks and an optional fourth session. My dad had just had a operation, so I spent a lot of time with my family and for me my issues really were my family. I was spending a lot of time with my family, particularly my dad and I started to notice that how I was feeling towards him was very different than I’d ever felt before. I started to feel love for him. I started to kind of feel bonded towards him which I’d never experienced before, so I noticed quite quickly. I think Kirsten allowed me to really, for the first time in my life, ever allow myself to be free from what had happened to me in my past. I tried lots of other things and this was definitely the one thing that worked for me and now my relationship with my dad is brilliant. I feel really close to him. He’s still the same man, but I’ve just changed how I feel towards him which is really lovely actually.

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