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To help our new clients feel more confident about what we do and how we do it, we recently asked a few old clients to come in and chat about their experience at The Therapy Lounge. Below are a number of 1-2 minute video testimonials that will heopfullly provide you with a sense of confidence that we are indeed very good at what we do! 

* We provide testimonials to help you gain confidence about how we work and results we achieve - please remember that results may vary from person to person.

Stop Smoking
Screenshot 2015-03-22 13.28.34.png
Kristy's Story *
Kristy found the whole process simple and easy unlike before. Seeing Danny transformed her life and shortly after she conceived a baby and is now a proud mother.
Stop Smoking
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Hilary's Story *
Hilary had been a confirmed smoker for over 30 years and had tried everything to stop. One year later she is smoke free and now working with us on improving other aspects of her life.
Stop Smoking
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David's Story *
Seven years after working with The Therapy Lounge, David reflects on how easy he found the process of stopping. There is a lovely quote about him thinking it must be magic - if only!
Stop Smoking
Jess's Story *
Jess is a more recent client who worked with one of our Partner's, Michael Carthy. Jess recounts how there was still genuine cynicism, even after his appointment. See how the story ends!
Stop Smoking
Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 19.58.57.png
Chris's Story *
I've tried to quit loads of times but always ended up going back to smoking. I found The Therapy Lounge on the internet and Michael has completely wiped out my need to smoke.
Stop Smoking
Helienne Pic.png
Helienne's Story *
Helienne was skeptical at first but after seeing Danny, she's never smoked again, and best of all, it was easy!
Stop Smoking
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Allen's Story *
Steve very quickly gave me a technique that made it impossible to smoke......when one focusses on smoking and only smoking, it becomes very boring very quickly!
Stop Smoking
Smoking - Carl.png
Carl's Story *
Carl's was looking for help with both his smoking habit and low self esteem. As a result of helping Carl to boost his self esteem, he found stopping smoking incredibly easy.
Stop Smoking
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Lewis' Story *
Lewis didn't know if he'd be able to stop smoking and wasn't sure if hypnotherapy could help. Danny has enabled Lewis to become a non-smoker with ease
Weight Loss
Weight Loss - Katherine.png
Katherine's Story *
With the the help of Kirsten Dahlerup, Katherine changed her relationship with food and has lost four stone in the last 9 months. As you will hear, Katherine is a real Kirsten fan!
Weight Loss
Winter Leaves.jpg
Janet's Story *
Janet had struggled with weight for most of her adult life. She had considered weight loss surgery but thankfully decided on hypnotherapy. She has lost 4.5 stone in 8 months.
Weight Loss
Autumn Leaves.jpg
John's Story *
John was a desert-a-holic! And after a double heart bypass, he desperately needed to control his weight. Six years later John has not touched a cake, a biscuit or any deserts.
Weight Loss
Simon Pic.png
Simon's Story *
Simon was asking to moderate but not entirely stop his compulsive eating and drinking and with great success, Danny helped him to achieve this and greater health.
Cure Phobias
Lauren Pic.png
Lauren's Story *
Lauren was not able to go to sleep without a spider pre check and after only a few sessions with Danny, she's now free. Allowing Danny to help, Lauren has more freedom every day.
Cure Phobias
Forest Flowers.jpg
A Fear of Flying *
Garry initially came to see us for a fear of flying. He had tried various other forms of therapy including the BA fear of flying course. Garry now flies around the world without a care!
Cure Phobias
Phobia Needles - Nicola.png
A Fear of Needles *
Nicola had an acute fear of needles and hospitals used to send her into a panic. As a result of a pregnancy, she wanted to get this phobia resolved. Two sessions later and she had!
Cure Phobias
Pobia Needles - Naomi.png
A Fear of Needles *
Naomi had a habit of fainting when around needles which made it difficult to receive any kind of medical treatment. After two sessions she is over her fear once and for all now.
Cure Phobias
Humpback Whale.jpg
A Fear of Spiders *
Jayne was gripped with fear when she thought of or even worse, saw a spider. As a result of her work with The Therapy Lounge, she now feels calm, relaxed and confident instead!
Public Speaking
Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 14.38.04.png
Leigh's Story *
Leigh went to see Danny to overcome his anxiety about his oral exams. With relative ease, he's learnt how to feel calmer and more confident. Leigh passed his exams.
Public Speaking
Anxiety - Max.png
Max's Story *
Max is an architect who struggled with social and performance anxiety for years. This was impacting the quality of both his personal and professional lives. He has now changed!
Public Speaking
Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 14.54.15.png
Fiona's Story *
Fiona has been a natural speaker but after a very bad experience, her fear took hold. Hear how Danny helped Fiona to return back to normal.
Public Speaking
Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 15.12.14.png
John's Story *
John has been studying for the knowledge for a while. After 6 straight fails he sought Danny's help. Listen to John's incredible change.
Public Speaking
Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 15.07.57 1.png
Morgan's Story *
Morgan had an interview that he wanted to be in the right frame of mind for. With one session, Danny helped him to feel calmer, more relaxed and more confident
Public Speaking
Oryx Antelope.jpg
Kelly's Story *
As Kelly's career progressed, he became increasingly anxious about presenting to large audiences. He now feels better equipped to cope and is in a much better place.
Public Speaking
Mark's Story *
Mark had always been a confident public speaker, but as he became more senior he developed a sense of stage fright. Mark enjoyed instant results with The Therapy Lounge.
Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 14.25.24.png
Katy's Story *
After seeing Danny, Katy's anxiety subsided dramatically and she regained a genuine sense of inner quiet and calm. She felt a lot more in control.
Confidence & Self Esteem - Emma.png
Emma's Story *
Through a combination of clinical hypnotherapy and mindfullness Emma finally took back control of her life. She now enjoys a much greater sense of relaxation, contentment and success!
Anxiety - Kulvinder.png
Kulvinder's Story *
Kulvinder was looking for help with anxiety and a friend referred her to The Therapy Lounge. Hear how for the first time in her life, she felt free from her childhood trauma.
Anxiety - Philippa.png
Philippa's Story *
A hectic workplace and aggressive boss prompted Phillipa to look for help for anxiety. Then Phillipa met her 'angel' aka Kirsten Dahlherup who helped her transform her life.
Confidence & Self Esteem
Confidence & Srelf Esteem - Eva.png
Eva's Story *
Some negative thoughts around her change in career prompted Eva's call to the therapy lounge. Two sessions later and she left with the smile back on her face and a spring in her step.
Confidence & Self Esteem
Jealousy & Self Esteem - Sonika.png
Sonika's Story *
Before coming to the therapy lounge Sonika had tried many counsellors including the NHS service to help with her jealousy. This fruitless journey ended when she met Steve.
Confidence & Self Esteem
Confidence & Self Esteem - James.png
Jame's Story *
James had spent a number of years struggling with low self confidence and self esteem. This was affecting his personal relationships and his career. See how James got on.
Confidence & Self Esteem
Confidence & Self Esteem - Jacqueline.png
Jacqueline's Story *
Jacqueline was struggling with self esteem issues as a result of an overpowering boss. Hear how she got on with Kirsten over the course of her three sessions.
Confidence & Self Esteem
Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 15.00.28.png
Lewis' Story *
Lewis had struggle with low confidence and self esteem in a variety of situations but after seeing Danny, all his relationships have improved, including romance.
Other Stories
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Simon.png
Chronic Fatigue - Simon's Story *
Listen to Simon's experience and how hypnosis cleared the fog caused by chromic fatigue syndrome. He was somewhat a skeptic before he met Michael.
Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 18.18.30.png
Atta's Story *
After seeing Danny, Atta was able to control his emotions and regain a sense of security and confidence that has improved not only his relationships but his self worth as well
Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 11.14.17 1.png
Ria's Story *
Ria struggled with jealousy and control but with Danny's help, she has put her demons to rest.
Screenshot 2015-03-24 16.21.45.png
Diana's Story *
After seeing Danny, Diana was able to feel settled and secure and had gained a wide tool kit of resources to help her in the future.
Anger - Dave.png
Dave's Story *
When Dave couldn't find the answers in his self help library, he turned to a sorted person Kirsten to find the answer to resolve his anger related issues. With the right help he regained control.

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