Overcome The Knowledge Nerves & Anxiety

Getting the badge can mean total freedom and autonomy for so many people. Doing your own hours, choosing your own area, being your own boss; it’s what so many people spend years training for. That training is called the knowledge.

Anyone who’s done the knowledge knows that it’s often hundreds of hours of trying to memorize map routes and even more time spent on a bike, riding around London, trying to take in every street name and point of interest.

Then, to see whether they’ve learnt anything, an examiner will ask just three questions. All of that work boiling down to just three questions. And if they fail enough, they’re back to square one. It’s no wonder then that so many would-be black cab drivers get so affected by this that they often go blank when asked about a route they know.

Maybe they spend the entire week leading up to the appearance not able to concentrate on their practice because they’re so nervous about the appearance. Some examiners even try to catch these students out. The examiner might knowingly say something wrong to confuse the student or poke at their character to see how they’ll react. 

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Leigh's Story

Leigh was trying to become a taxi driver and was struggling with his nerves at his set appearances. After three sessions with Danny he passed the knowledge.
The Knowledge

Because of this, we at The Therapy Lounge have helped countless men and women to feel calmer, more relaxed and more confident about their appearances and to make it easier to learn the routes.

Time and time again, with the help of our Clinical Hypnotherapist and practitioner of NLP, Danny Rosenberg, our clients gain the confidence and mental freedom that they desire and deserve.

Danny’s grandfather was a black cab driver and his first paying client was a student doing the knowledge. Ever since that successful first experience, Danny has continued to help many people breath a sigh of relief and pursue their badge with confidence and strength.

If you’re seeking out a way to either improve your memory or just stop the nerves at the appearance, contact The Therapy Lounge to find out more about how we will help.

* We provide testimonials to help you gain confidence about how we work and results we achieve - please remember that results may vary from person to person. 

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John's Story *

I had no idea what to expect, I had no idea what he was going to do but I have to say that when I left the first session I felt 10 feet tall.

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