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Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking

Our Public Speaking Workshop takes 20-25 business professionals through an amazing process of change that leaves them free of their old public speaking hang ups and as such, ready to take on the world.

This workshop is not for those who simply wish to hone their public speaking skills. Rather it has been created for those clients who’s fear of public speaking has created signifiant anxiety in their lives and held them back in their careers. 

Over five weeks, using a unique combination of group-orientated learning, practice, discussion, practice, group hypnosis and practice (!) we help the particpants affect a dramatic change in the way they think, feel and behave when speaking in public. 

Specific subjects covered in the course include: 

- the anatomy of fear

- comfort vs courage

- perfectionism vs progress

- connection vs performance

- vulnerability - strength or weakness

- disarming the internal critic

- controlling what you control and letting go of what you can’t 

Practice and exposure are key - if you imagine this to being akin to learning to swim, over the 5 weeks we create a safe and nurturing environment from which clients start by dangling their feet in the shallow and end up giggling as they dive in to the deep end!

Located in Liverpool Street, our Public Speaking Workshop is based around four 2.5 hour sessions on concurrent Wednesday evenings finishing off with a half day event on a Saturday morning. There is also further time scheduled for catching up, extra practice and intense individual support where requested. 

There is also some homework between sessions in the form of reading, listening or practice.

The price is £750 per participant (including VAT). If you have worked with us previously on a one to one basis, there is a 33% discount provided. 

We are now taking bookings for the workshop which starts on Wednesday 21st September 2016. 

To reserve your place we take a 25% deposit which is refundable up to 4 weeks before the workshop starts.

We truly believe that our Public Speaking Workshop provides a safe, nurturing and inspiring environment from which to learn, learn, learn and then to practice, practice, practice resulting in you being free of your old outdated, unwanted fears.

So if you’re interested in overcoming your fear of public speaking call The Therapy Lounge on 020 7485 5745 or click here to arrange an opportunity to chat. 


 * We provide testimonials to help you gain confidence about how we work and results we achieve - please remember that results may vary from person to person. 

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