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At The Therapy Lounge, we use hypnotherapy, the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy and NLP to help you to deal with jealousy and as a result, all those old triggers that used to make you feel insecure, angry and fearful can become a thing of the past, leaving you feeling altogether more confident, more relaxed and better able to enjoy your relationship.

Jealousy has been around since the beginning of time and if we are honest, we've all experienced it. Indeed, like most other states, jealousy can be quite useful. In a healthy relationship for example, it can heighten emotions, making love feel stronger.

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Sonika's Story *

The issues I needed help with were around jealousy and self esteem. Before I came to The Therapy Lounge I had been to many counselors and the nhs, but it did not help.
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Jealousy - With Video

However when it's intense or irrational, the story is very different. Jealousy can put a huge strain on a relationship, leaving one partner feeling as though they're constantly walking on eggshells to avoid a jealous reaction. The jealous partner, often aware of their problem, swings between anger, self-blame, insecurity and absolute justification. And if left that way, what otherwise could have been a long and happy relationship is destined to failure.

Jealousy is actually quite complex, involving a myriad of thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Thoughts range from blame to comparison to self-pity. Emotions range from pain, anger and rage, to sadness and humiliation. This often leads to aggressive and possibly even violent behaviour.

The reason why cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnotherapy and NLP are such valuable tools in helping clients to stop being jealous lies in that fact that jealousy is basically a habit - a habit of negative thinking and unconscious associations.

This is why some people find it so difficult to consciously prevent those activating thoughts or feelings that drive the irrational and all too often self-destructive behaviour - if you could consciously prevent them, you would right?

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Atta's Story *

I was finding that I was being jealous and a little obsessive, wanting everything to go the way I wanted it to....... I started to see the changes as did the people around me.
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At The Therapy Lounge, we use the priniciples of cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnotherapy and NLP to help you stop feeling a debilatating level of jealousy and as a result, those old jealousy related triggers that have had such a negaitve impact on you and your relationships can easily and comfortably become a thing of the past. 

So if you would like to overcome jealousy once and for all, call The Therapy Lounge now on 020 7485 5745 or click here to arrange a free, 30-minute, no obligation consultation. Call us - we really can help.

 * We provide testimonials to help you gain confidence about how we work and results we achieve - please remember that results may vary from person to person. 

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    Diana's Story *

    Danny was just really friendly......it felt like i was talking to a person and that person was really understanding.....it made me feel secure.
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    Ria's Story *

    What i was given were the coping tools and the coping mechanisms to heal myself and the patience of Danny really helped me with that.

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