Curing Emetophobia

Through the use of Advanced Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), we'll help you to overcome your emetophobia once and for all now, leaving you free and liberated from those old unwanted irrational thoughts, avoidance based behaviours and that old unwanted sense of fear and panic.

Emetophobia is defined as the fear of vomiting and whilst it is one of the most intense and irrational phobias that exist, it receives little attention compared to other irrational fears. Yet emetophobia is the fifth most common phobia, according to the International Emetophobia Society.

Emetophobia includes a number of subcategories including; a fear of vomiting in public; a fear of seeing vomit; a fear of watching the action of vomiting; or fear of being nauseated. For sufferers, it is an extremely debilitating and disabling condition.

We have heard of clients who have spent a life time avoiding any situation that may involve vomit. This can affect social and eating habits. It can affect relationships. We have heard of women who have denied themselves the joy of motherhood due to the fear of morning sickness. And it almost certainly affects a sufferer's self-esteem.

At The Therapy Lounge we have been successful treating emetophobes for years - indeed we have a specialist within our team who is renowned worldwide. We use a combination of therapies to help a client deal with the root cause of the phobia thereby releasing them from ongoing cycle of irrational thoughts and avoidance based behaviours.

The process is complicated and does require a slightly longer form of therapy than we would normally expect. As opposed to between 1 and 3 sessions for a more basic phobias, we tend to see emetophobia clients 4 times. That being said, we are extremely confident in and competent in what we do!

So if your are interested in curing your emetophobia, call The Therapy Lounge now on 020 7485 5745 or complete the Quick Enquiry Form on the right hand side of this page.

* We provide testimonials to help you gain confidence about how we work and results we achieve - please remember that results may vary from person to person.






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