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Welcome to The Therapy Lounge, the home of Rapid Dynamic Therapy and Hypnotherapy London.

We use a combination of Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help our clients' experience rapid, genuine and long lasting change.

Whether your wish is to eradicate an unwanted habit or behaviour, to gain relief from a specific emotional issue, or to simply have more self-belief to make those all important changes in life, we really can help.

Over the last 10 years we have helped thousands of clients to think better, feel better and ultimately, be better! You can watch some of their stories on our Testimonial Page.

Hypnotherapy Clinics in London - with 6 Hypnotherapy Practices in and around London, inlcuding Victoria (SW1), London City (EC2), Marylebone (W1), Kentish Town (NW5), East Dulwich (SE22) and Hemel Hempstead (HP1) and prices ranging from £95 up to £350 per session, we are confident we can help select the right therapist for you. 

So either call us today for a chat on 020 7485 5745 or simply fill out the Quick Enquiry Form below. We can arrange a free 30 minute consultation or if you're feeling especially brave, your first session.

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A Little Inspiration For Your Day!

Here at The Therapy Lounge, beyond helping clients overcome a wide range of emotional, behavoural and psycholigical issues, we like to satisfy our creative sides!

So we hope you'll take a moment out of your busy day to enjoy the short videos below. 

The first is lovely short story about about how, through self acceptance we can reduce the impact of lots of uncomfortable and often difficult emotions such as anxiety, depression, anger or jealousy. 

The second is narrative by the amazing Kirsten Dahlerup that investigates the one thing that binds us together as human beings - our vulnerability.

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    Once upon a time there was a very very small person who had lots and lots of feelings.... his parents loved it when he showed off all his wonderful feelings so he started to where them on his sleeve.
  • Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 17.35.52.png
    There's something we all have in common that I'd like to talk about..... vulnerable emotions that we dread feeling....... like fear and shame or anger or anxiety.

At The Therapy Lounge, we help clients overcome a wide range of behavioural, emotional and psychological issues. 

For most clients we would look to see them between two and four times - appointments last 2 hours with costs ranging from £185 - £350 per session depending on the therapist they are working with. 

You can find out more about each therapist and their respective skills by clicking on the ‘Our Therapist’ button towards the top of this page on the right hand side. 

Using Hypnotherapy in London, together with NLP and the principles of CBT, we help clients to stop smoking with hypnosis, we treat anxiety with hypnotherapy and our London Hypnotherapy Clinics are available to help with so much more. 

Want to know more? Click here or call The Therapy Lounge on 020 7485 5745 or fill out the Quick Enquiry Form to your right.

* We provide testimonials to help you gain confidence about how we work and results we achieve - please remember that results may vary from person to person. 

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